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Example 2 - 1996 Repaint of 1983 Company Restoration of 1905 Construction.

Clearly this home’s builder was not to be denied Victorian flourishes while building a classic box. Note the treatment of porch posts, radius window casings and porch sills, and the scalloped trim band beneath the drip cap.

Likewise the opportunity to indulge in Victorian style decorating was not lost on our client. This is a very special home.

(1) 1983
(2) 1983 South side
(3) Stripped

(4) 1983 Completed entry porch
(5) 1996 South side after thirteen years
(6) Entry porch 1996 With the passage of thirteen years the colors are a bit faded on the lower, more exposed surfaces.

(7) 1983 Restoration completed
(8) 1996 Newly completed repaint
(9) 2006 Ten year old repaint.

(10) 1996 The house has been professionally cleaned of heavy soilage from arterial traffic. Stains, most apparent on the upper wall, however remain. They could only be addressed by repainting.
(11) 2006 South side ten years following 1996 repaint
(12) 2006 Ten years following the 1996 repaint. Perhaps due to improved auto pollution controls, soilage is less pronounced.