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Example 1 - 1999 Painting of 1993 Construction

This is clearly a most attractive, and by contemporary standards, well built home. The exterior envelope is sheathed in premium materials. The siding is clear (without knots) four inch beveled cedar, the shingles are number 1 grade cedar. Drip caps and window casing are heavily dimensioned clear fir. Flashings are conspicuous by their presence, and there are sheltering eaves. Protecting what by present standards was superior construction, however, was only a light coat of stain. While still retaining some color this coating soon ceased to provide effective protection.

Six year old stained shingles and siding
The remnants of the coating and the wood’s degrading surfaces were wiped off with light finger pressure.

(4) Stripped, primed, and filled
The almond lines are caulk, the smudges are filled nails. Sealing entry points for moisture is critical for long term preservation. Subsequently a second prime coat and an elastomeric base coat were applied.
Completed protective coating system commensurate with the excellent construction
Shingles and siding are finished in flat acrylic house paint, drip caps and windows in acrylic enamel.