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Example 2 - 2002 Painting of 1994 Construction

This home was sided with particle board siding. The product has been withdrawn from the market following a multitude of consumer complaints and a class action settlement. Our work focused on shielding this conspicuously vulnerable material from further contact with moisture to the fullest extent possible.

(1) 2002 Detail of rooftop chimney’s siding, prior to work, and in progress
The siding is essentially particle board with a surface shell on the vertical face only. As manufactured, and inexplicably, the vulnerable bottom edge is not sealed, and the raw particle board soaks up moisture.
(2) Initial repair step
Unsound edge material was ground off. Subsequently elastic sealants and fillers were applied. Final top coats were acrylic enamel.
(3) Corner baton-siding juncture, prior to work, and finished
Defective caulking left the particle board core free to soak up moisture.

(4) Finished chimney
The unshielded structure’s exposure to weather is obvious.
(5) Repaired and finished siding
(6) Window-siding junction, prior to work, and finished.
On the whole of the exterior the original deficient caulking was replaced with heavily dimensioned beads of polyurethane caulk.

(7) 2002 Detail of repaired and finished chimney
(8) 2009 Seven years later
There has been no future maintenance
(9) Defective butt joint caulking, and its replacement
The original caulk bead was all to one side rather than centered over the joint. The core of the siding remained unsealed.