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Example 3 - 2002 Painting of 1985 Construction

This clearly stereotypical “skinny house” reflects an architecture in which few opportunities to economize were overlooked. Nonetheless the home has a well pitched roof with sheltering eaves, a covered entry, and durable vinyl windows. Clearly the home’s niche is entry level, yet it is attractive, serviceable, and basically quite durable.

Details of siding, repairs and finishing
The original rough, fissured and occasionally splintered siding was sanded, primed, caulked and filled. An elastomeric base coat and acrylic enamel top coats completed the process. The soft second growth wood is now well protected behind a tough, tightly bonded and elastic water resistant membrane.

(4) Balcony, and rot detail
The balcony’s construction was the one fundamental flaw in the home’s otherwise adequate construction. To observe that such structures be water tight belabors the obvious, and this balcony was not. Fortunately its rebuild occurred while decay was still localized.
(5) Original balcony drain, and replacement scrupper.
The small drain was prone to plugging besides not being watertight. The new enlarged scupper is integral with the fiberglass deck.
(6) Rebuilt balcony
The deck is in fact a fiberglass pan, extending under the threshold and up the wall behind the siding. Further moisture intrusion and resultant rot are now most unlikely.

(7) 17 year old deck and railing
While original coating work was minimal and thus weathering is pronounced, the actual construction, by contemporary standards, is quite respectable. Floor boards are adequately spaced for drainage, framing is pressure treated for rot resistance, and the railing is free of water traps. All these factors are frequently overlooked in modern construction.
(8) Refinished deck and railing
The structure has been stripped and two saturation costs of preservative stain applied. The railing has been sheathed in a metal flashing.
(9) Completion
This home now has a most durable exterior envelope. Aside from periodically restaining the deck, only modest maintenance may be expected long into the future.