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Example 4 - 1991 Painting of 1984 Construction

This home is an example of a current construction practice in which stucco is pigmented rather than painted, and the consequences. Fortunately our work intervened before serious damage occurred.

(1) Initial cleaning revealing developing cracks
Over time freezing water progressively fractures the surrounding materials, resulting in accumulating damage. Sealing out moisture with the proper protective coatings is critical for long term preservation of stucco.
Wall sections, seven year old unpainted stucco
The progressive fracturing of surrounding material have become obvious.

(4) Front door, resurfaced and finished in acrylic enamel.
1991 Completion
Cracks were repaired with elastic filler. Elastomeric base coats were next applied, followed by top coats of flat acrylic house paint.

(7) Door and entry, 2001
Aside from fading little has changed.
Wall sections, 2001
The stucco has remained well protected by the elastic and water resistant coatings.