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Example 5 - 1998 Painting of 1994 Construction

A most attractive home, and following our Company’s early intervention a home whose exterior is now well protected. However, as first completed, glairing deficiencies in construction and coating work put the building onto a path of premature and rapidly advancing deterioration.

(1) Stripping of original “paint” in progress
(2) Four year old construction
The “paint” is in fact a thin coat of heavy bodied stain sprayed over the rough shingles. Note the totally bare wood where a downspout had remained in place. Moisture protection was nil.
(3) Completion
The shingles were stripped, primed, sanded and reprimed. Cracks were bridged with an elastic filler. Then an elastomeric base coat was applied, followed by two top coats of flat acrylic house paint.

(4) Top of window casing as originally constructed
With no flashing, water simply sheeted down the shingles and into the wall’s interior. Considering the foregoing, that the casing’s top edge was left raw wood is unimportant.
(5) Original casing removed, and flashing installed
Note the rot on the shingle butts revealed by the casing’s removal.
(6) Completion
This is how the casing should have been originally constructed.

(7) Window’s lower portion, stripped of paint and outer casing.
The consequences of the flashing’s omission require no elaboration.
(8) Reconstruction in progress
(9) Completion
Unfortunately the omissions documented in the foregoing are not rare. Certainly there are conscientious builders. However few owners have the credentials to recognize their jeopardy when they initially take possession of an improperly constructed home.