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Example 7 - 1996 Painting of 1988 Construction

This home represents perhaps a best attempt to provide a relatively affordable in city home. Clearly the need to compress costs was reflected in the completed house. Nevertheless the basic construction was sound. With the enhanced protection of our Company’s refinishing work the home’s future maintenance may be limited to spot recaulking and renewing the faded top coat on ten to fifteen year maintenance cycles.

(1) South wall
What appears to be paint is simply heavy bodied stain. Particularly when only applied as a single coat sprayed over new rough sawn siding, this product provides minimal protection. It is readily removed by pressure washing.
(2) Stripped
The heavy bodied stain’s scant protection has resulted in numerous splits, broomed end grain, and rot pockets around unsealed nails.
(3) Primed and sanded, and repaired
A second prime coat followed.

(4) Completion
The soft second growth siding is now sealed behind two prime coats, an elastomeric base coat, and two top coats of flat acrylic house paint.
(5) Wall-chimney junction
Primed and awaiting recaulking, and caulked. Note the replacement caulk’s much thicker dimensions.
(6) No entry points for moisture is fundamental to long term preservation

(7) Eight year old garage door, and detail
This garage door is typical of many. Bolts were over tightened, fracturing surrounding wood. Joints were never sealed, and the door’s vulnerable bottom edge remained raw wood.
(8) Work in progress
The door was stripped, primed and heavily caulked.
(9) Completion
Such paneled garage doors should be periodically inspected for spot caulk replacement and touchup. Many are so flimsily constructed that the stress of opening and closing causes panels to shift beyond the caulk’s elastic limits.