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Example 9 - 2001 Painting of 1988 Construction

This home reflects the adage that form follows function. In this case the function is the exploitation of a sweeping view of Puget Sound and downtown Seattle. Such premium siting however, carries with it a specific requirement. The building should be constructed to accommodate the maintenance challenges of unprotected marine exposure. This thirteen year old home’s condition prior to our work would indicate that success in exploiting the view exceeded that of meeting the challenges of marine exposure. Our commission was to address this imbalance.

Thirteen year old entry floor, and ripout
Comment is superfluous.
(3) Finished entry
The new floor is essentially a fiberglass pan, extending under the threshold and up the wall behind the siding.

(4) Entry wing wall, prior to work and refinished
The deterioration illustrates the vulnerability of second growth siding to moisture.
(5) Wing wall cap severely fissured, and sealed beneath a metal flashing
(6) Unprotected barge board end, and flashed
Omitting this momentary work is common. Left unaddressed a progressively rotting barge board is a near certainty.

(7) Rotted thirteen year old window, and its replacement
This window installation was the severest of challenges to long term durability. The location is unsheltered. It faces south. It is exposed to marine weather. Off site the new window was disassembled and compressively precoated. Once in place all joints were sealed with heavy beads of polyurethane caulk. Final coatings were then applied.
(8) Upper south wall, prior to work and refinished
Two prime coats were applied to thoroughly seal the stripped and abraded wood. Nails were set and filled. All joints were heavily caulked. An elastomeric base coat was applied for primary protection, followed by two finish coats of acrylic house paint.
(9) May this view be enjoyed long into the future from a home whose exterior envelope is up to the requirements of the location