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Narrow Beveled Lap Siding

A Short Discussion of Narrow Beveled Lap Siding:

Narrow beveled cedar siding, measuring nominally four inches in width and ½ inch at the butt, was the most commonly utilized siding material in Seattle’s residential construction during the early decades of the twentieth century. Milled of dense, straight grained, clear (without knots), old growth stock the resultant siding was, and is, superb. Aside from cracks, mostly from unsealed end grain, and rot pockets around unfilled nails- all repairable after upwards of one hundred years-this siding can remain sound. Homes so sided and subsequently modified with additions frequently provide stark comparison between original and currently available siding: vintage siding remaining sound after upwards of a century, next to perhaps ten year old material cracked, cupped and with slash grain coming apart.

View Examples of Our Work:
Click on the pictures below for an indepth look our painting work on Seattle homes with narrow beveled siding.

Narrow Beveled Siding Exterior Painting Example 1

Narrow Beveled Siding Exterior Painting Example 2

Narrow Beveled Siding Exterior Painting Example 3