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Wide Beveled Lap Siding

A Short Discussion of Wide Beveled Lap Siding:

Wide beveled cedar siding found on older Seattle residences commonly varies in width from nominally six inches upwards to twelve inches, in progressions of two inches. While milled from the same dense, straight grained, clear (without knots) old growth stock as the more common narrow (i.e. four inch) beveled siding, the wider siding is not as robust. At least in the six and eight inch widths butt thickness commonly remains the same ½ inch as that of the conspicuously narrower four inch board, and tapers to the same ¼ inch top edge thickness. Consequently the wider siding becomes increasingly thinner, proportional to width, as the width increases. Also, because the nailing pattern typically remains two nails (inset perhaps ½ inch from top and bottom edges) every sixteen inches, the wider boards are not as rigidly attached. What this translates to is that the wider beveled siding is far more prone to splitting and warping. In short, it is less tolerant of neglect.

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