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Varnished Woodwork

View Examples of Our Work:
The following illustrates various decorating motifs, and our technical expertise. Click on pictures for details.

Major Interior Restoration Challenges:
The following documents Gary D. Torgerson Co. expertise in addressing major interior restoration challenges.

Example 1
(1) Ninety-four year old door mounted flush to the face of an unsheltered south wall
(2) Time had not been kind.
(3) Stripped and undergoing repair
Note the row of “pins” along the door’s edge reinforcing the deteriorated joint.
(4) Prior to work, and restored
Paint over runs onto varnished surfaces generally are inadvertent
Here they were blatant.
(7) Detail of Company designed and constructed cabinetry in nearly one hundred year old mansion
For details click to Construction and Remodels, Major Remodel example 1.
(8) Eighty-six year old mantle
Inattention in a variety of forms had taken an obvious toll.
(9) Restored and now protected by multiple coats of water resistant polyurethane varnish
(10) “Painting” was simply one more indignity born by this neglected and deteriorated window.
That such a finely crafted mahogany window ever suffered such abuse and neglect is a marker of how older houses were once regarded as expendable.
(11) Ninety year old south window
Sunlight and condensation had severely degraded the surfaces.
(12) Restored