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Example 2 - Entry Rebuild of 1906 Home

Underlying the obvious esthetics are a host of redundant features intended to achieve long term durability: pressure treated framing lumber, precoating, flashings, inert and impermeable cap materials, steps pitched for drainage. This entry is built to grace this now one hundred year old home through its next one hundred years.

(1) The most recent replacement entry steps
(2) The column base had rotted beyond repair. The column itself was restorable.
(3) Rip out

(4) Detail of counter-flashed wing wall cap-wall juncture, and completed wing wall.
(5) New railing
All components, and most particularly vulnerable end grain, were precoated prior to assembly to shield against moisture.
(6) New column base and restored column
All surfaces have been comprehensively precoated prior to assembly.