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Wood Window Restoration

A Short Illustrated Course Regarding Windows

Window units, structurally, are a collage of seams, joints, end grain, exposed horizontal surfaces, and junctures of dissimilar materials. Consequently they are the most vulnerable structures of a residence’s exterior to moisture intrusion and resultant deterioration.

Windows of Older Homes
Original windows of homes constructed in the early decades of the twentieth century are remarkably durable. Their basic designs reflect long accumulated experience. The deterioration that has occurred behind fractured layers of old paint may indeed be startling. Nevertheless these windows are almost always restorable.

Gary D. Torgerson Co. restoration of the original windows of older homes comprehensively addresses accumulated deterioration. The focus of this work is to achieve near original appearance and long term durability.

Restoring old windows by removing rot

Repairing wooden window frame on Ballard House

Completely restored vintage window on Seattle house

Ninety Year Old Window

Clearly the deterioration is conspicuous. However closer inspection reveals that the rot pockets are largely isolated in joints and end grain, and are bounded by solid material. The window was readily restorable.

Contemporary Windows
Regrettably contemporary window units are often another matter. Inferior materials, designs prioritizing low production cost over durability, plus faulty installation frequently result in extensive rot within less than a decade. Unfortunately the only remedy is often replacement.

Gary D. Torgerson Co. work on modern windows seeks to address to the fullest extent possible shortfalls in contemporary window construction. To this end disassembled window components are precoated, joints and seams are bridged with tough elastic sealants, and final coating procedures prioritize long term protection.

Replacing insulated glass window

Repairing and restoring the window frame

Restoring and reglazing windows to maintain the vintage look of original windows
Two seven year old replacement insulated glass window units in a seventy year old house
Appearance wise, but scarcely in substance, they are quite similar to the remaining original units. Construction is of soft second growth scrap wood. Note the width of growth rings and multitude of finger joints. Attaining long term durability is indeed a challenge. The rot typically progresses from the inside out. Whether or not it will reemerge on other portions of the structure is conjectural.
This window is representative of the remaining original windows
Construction is dense, straight grain old growth fir. The dark areas were small rot pockets, first chemically treated to kill micro-organisms and solidify peripheries, then filled with a tightly bonding and flexible epoxy. The detail of the primed sash and sill reveal only modest surface checking, addressed with elastic fillers.
The above examples show Gary D. Torgerson Company's expertise in window repair, window restoration, reglazing, window replacement, and window installation.