5 Ways to Save Potatoes From Scab Part 2

5 Ways to Save Potatoes From Scab Part 2

Harvest Correctly

Effect: obtaining healthy tubers with high rates of keeping quality and guaranteeing future quality seed.

First of all, get rid of the habit of digging potatoes only when it is “fully ripe”. You should not wait until the tops of dried tops lie on the crests of the potato plantations calcined by the summer heat. During the summer, various diseases accumulate in their leaves and stems. Therefore, as soon as the tops begin to turn yellow, it needs to be cut and removed from the field or burned. And dig up the tubers when the peel on them is still easily peeled off.

In this condition, all the scratches and damage on the tubers heal easily and are tightened during a week of storage in a dark, dry and warm place. Before this, it is useful to dip them into a working solution of a protective biological product in order to protect against possible diseases. After a week, it is advisable to wash the tubers from adhering earth, dip them into a protective solution of salicylic or benzoic acid (300 mg per 1 liter of water) and dry in the shade. This technique will eliminate a lot of external infection, accidentally caught in the tubers, and improve their keeping quality during winter storage.

The described methods of protection, as a rule, are used by adherents of “classical” growing technologies. Unfortunately, such methods also have a drawback: pests and pathogens that survived after processing potatoes with pesticides acquire immunity (resistance) to them, and in order to get rid of them the next time, the concentration of drugs will have to be increased. This can go on ad infinitum. In addition, in many cases, the decay products of pesticides accumulate in the fruits of plants. In other words, the use of chemicals is not the best solution in terms of the environmental cleanliness of grown products.


Effect: protection of potatoes from scab and gradual cleansing of the soil from the causative agent of the disease.

Among the safe methods of cultivating vegetables, agricultural technology called Gumireactor has proven its effectiveness. It is able to solve most of the problems associated with the protection of potatoes and other plants during the growing season, and also gradually clear the soil of pathogens. Of course, it takes time to treat infected soils. A gumireactor is not an instant “switch” of all evil spirits in the garden, but over several seasons of systematic use, this technology will ensure the ecological safety of plants grown and also strengthen the friendly “team” of microorganisms that help the soil to be healthy.

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