Free gardening quotes

Free gardening quotes

Garden maintenance

The maintenance of the gardens is important and allows you to have a green space that is always maintained and tidy. Are you looking for more information and advice to do it in the best way and save money? Read on to find out more. Maybe you need fence stains for your garden?

The costs of garden maintenance

Calculating the prices for maintaining your garden can be difficult. To get a general idea of ​​the costs, consult the following table.

As you can see, the costs vary depending on the intervention to be carried out. In general, if carried out by a professional, these jobs require a total fee ranging from 25 to €30 per hour. To find out the exact price of your garden maintenance work, contact the experts. In this way, you optimize the times and you will easily get the garden of your dreams.

Why rely on a gardener for garden maintenance?

Everyone dreams of a well-kept and tidy garden. To get it, however, careful and constant maintenance is required. This is achieved through small jobs, such as cutting grass, pruning trees, and arranging hedges or flower beds. Even irrigation, which may seem like a simple intervention, must be carried out periodically: every day in the summer and at least once a week during the autumn, always taking into account the climate of the area. Achieving all this is easier with the constant presence of a person who can dedicate time to us and who has sufficient knowledge to take care of the green. If you are not talented and have little time available, all that remains is to rely on an expert in the sector. Contact a gardener and define a number of interventions to be carried out during the year. This way you can save by agreeing on a flat rate. If, on the other hand, you want to take care of gardening or simpler jobs, you can get an expert to assist you occasionally, perhaps for the most dangerous interventions, such as, for example, pruning. It is therefore always convenient to know a professional who is always at your disposal and helps you in the maintenance of your garden.

Garden maintenance in the warm months

At the end of winter, when the rains decrease and the sunny spring days begin, proceed with very careful maintenance of the garden. For example, you need to cut the grass at the right height, not too short because in that case the roots will suffer and lose vitality. This intervention must be carried out at least once a month, but it depends above all on the timing of growth of the lawn. In this period, fertilization is also important, especially if the lawn is not uniform. To solve the problem, you can proceed with the regeneration of the green. This is done by re-sowing the turf only in the thinnest areas or areas that have been damaged by the sun or cold. The right time to do this is usually in the last weeks of summer, but it largely depends on the weather conditions of the area where you live.

Green maintenance in winter

In the cold months, your garden needs care. Even if the climate is harsh and the vegetation is not very lively, the lawn and plants continue to grow. For this reason, winter is the best time to give your garden the necessary nutrients so that it can survive the winter and give its best in spring. Continue to take care of the green by eliminating weeds, fertilizing the soil, in particular by giving it potassium fertilizers, and protecting plants from frost, especially those with flowers. In this way, your garden will not be affected by temperature errors and will be ready for the spring months. All this maintenance work can be done by an expert who knows exactly what your garden needs to perform in the warm months.

Extraordinary maintenance: parasites and infested herbs

Before taking care of the maintenance of the green, it is necessary to recognize the interventions that your garden needs. Often there are parasites or weeds that damage the leaves of plants or, in severe cases, lead to the drying of the entire tree.

Parasites appear mainly in the spring or summer months. If there is a real colony present, you should try to remove it manually. If this fails, you can start considering using natural remedies that are often as effective as chemical ones. If you still don’t get good results, switch to the use of medicines, preferably of natural origin, which is easily found on the market and are specific for each plant. In all this, we must also be able to recognize the insects that bring benefits such as, for example, ladybugs that help protect the plant from parasites.

Weeds may seem harmless, but they create an obstacle to proper plant growth. They expand very quickly, but if the individuals are in time it is easy to eradicate, but be careful to weed out their roots and avoid regrowth.
To make your plants and lawn grow healthily, spot these problems early. Rely on an expert in the sector who regularly checks the garden of your home: you will get a perfect green area.

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