Generator set: Which one to choose? Guide with ranking and prices

Generator set: Which one to choose? Guide with ranking and prices

The generator set is of fundamental importance for anyone who needs electricity, both on a permanent basis and in other situations such as a campsite, an exhibition stand or for emergency situations such as blackouts. Also check out this best 12000 watt portable generator.

The generator set consists of a generator and a combustion engine: together they are able to generate both continuous and alternating electricity.

In the production of direct current, the generator set represents the only source of electricity used; the production of electricity refers, on the other hand, to energy used only in emergencies, in programmed situations, or in all those cases referring to a malfunction of the electricity manager’s network.

It is essential to guarantee a constant flow of electricity to large public facilities, offices, companies and private homes in cases where the usual network has failures or inefficiencies, so as to avoid any kind of interruption, even minimal, to those who need direct electricity to carry out their activities.

In order to prevent inconvenient eventualities, large public utilities such as hospitals, railway stations, ports, airports and other structures with high reception, are equipped with one or more generators.

Many building sites that need to work independently are used to use generators, also because sometimes the areas intended for the construction of buildings and homes may not yet be served by electricity (it will be connected after completion of the work).

In small areas there are also generators for those who work in the itinerant trade, for their stalls in stands or fairs, or campers for their holidays dedicated to the essentials and contact with nature.

There is also a fire-fighting generator set: it is used to control water pumps that combine electrical and thermal energy to operate fire-fighting systems. These find their use in case there is the detection of open flames in any closed room or in parking lots.

Silenced power generators are used specifically for street vendors and for outdoor activities. A practical example is the use during concerts where silence is necessary so that the show does not interfere with noise.

It is worth mentioning the possibility of renting power generators that run on battery power, with the possibility of being recharged through the common power grid: they can be used quickly and easily in any context.

How to choose the best one?


The power of the generator set must be chosen according to specific needs: therefore, the type of equipment to be supported, household appliance or a private home electric network, must be evaluated.

Buying an underestimated generator set would lead to a malfunction, just as the use of an overestimated generator set would lead to unnecessary costs and consumption.

Generally speaking, single-phase models can provide up to 230 volts, while three-phase generators provide up to 380 volts.


The main distinction is between the one suitable for housing units, the single-phase group, and the one suitable for industrial, collective and non-private areas, the three-phase group.

The power supply is another criterion of choice: petrol, methane, diesel, or for the respect of the environment also solar panels.

On the market are also available practical portable models that allow easy movement allowing a wide use.


For a domestic use in case of blackouts, we should orient ourselves on the choice of a methane or LPG model that surely guarantees us more silence.

The material also has its importance in the choice of our generator set, as it guarantees its durability over time.

Usually the choice falls on steel or plastic. It should be noted that steel is a material with a longer life but is very heavy to carry.


Generally speaking, the cost of a medium quality generator set is between 10 and 300 euros, to over 1000 euros in the case of equipment for professional use.

Environmental impact

If you care about the environment, this is certainly the most targeted choice. By using solar energy, costs are reduced to zero and without the emission of pollutants.

Let’s go now to the moment of purchase; to give you some guidelines and practical examples, let’s analyze the 3 best models of generating sets.

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