Hanging Gardens From Flyers Part 3

Hanging Gardens From Flyers Part 3

Plants are selected so that all crops are content with the same lighting ( soil composition can be selected individually, so light is the only guideline). Hanging gardens in color can be contrasting and nuance. But here, on the principle of constructing compositions between neighboring plants, they necessarily create contrasts. The rhythm and repetition make it possible to introduce a sense of integrity into the ensemble, as well as the play of textures, shapes, lines, shades of color. Separate flyers for hanging gardens are better than compositions from flyers in ampels. To create a hanging garden, you can use individual ampoules in pots, and a group of mixed compositions in hanging baskets. But since there are many possibilities to combine different types and color combinations, it is better not to complicate your task and use separate ampels, planting them in the correct substrate and capacity revealing completely the beauty of each plant. Composing a composition of beautiful ampels and soaring clouds, each plant in which appears in all its glory, you can get a much better effect than from colorful collections of different summers. There are, however, in the rule for using mono ampels and their exceptions:

  1. If the summer man really likes, but he has visible flaws that are usually hidden in hanging baskets with the help of another plant, then you do not need to violate the principle of unification for a hanging garden.
  2. If you use different varieties to achieve a feeling of greater density and splendor, to create interesting color transitions or combinations, combining bushy and with more spectacular hanging shoots of the variety, then boldly plant them together to create hanging gardens.

The choice of plants that can participate in a spectacular hanging garden is very large. Hanging Gardens is the realm of selected, abundantly flowering flyers and genuine ampel stars with dangling or lodging shoots. You can’t place any plants in the hanging kindergarten: annual vines need support to reveal all their beauty, and grassy stars with slender bushes, stiff shoots, and plain greens can not be seen at high altitudes. To design such a garden, ampelous plants are chosen – those that are used for single hanging clouds that can create beautiful lush cascades, and green flowering waterfalls. Ampel varieties will become the real stars of the suspended ensemble:

  • petunias ;
  • caliberhoa;
  • surfinia ;
  • verbena ;
  • nasturtiums and marigolds ;
  • lobelia ;
  • wild strawberries or tomatoes ;
  • viola ;
  • tsevoly;
  • marjoram ;
  • basil ;
  • pimps;
  • fortunes;
  • dichondra ;
  • diastases;
  • Sanvitalia
  • nemesia ;
  • milkweed ;
  • godetia ;
  • pelargonium ;
  • ageratum ;
  • succession ;
  • lavatery ;
  • bakopy ;
  • balsamins.

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