Hanging Gardens From Flyers Part 4

Hanging Gardens From Flyers Part 4

It is possible to supplement the assortment of garden plants with indoor crops, which are moved to the garden for the summer – fuchsia, ivy, chlorophytum, etc. Tanks for planting crops selected to create a hanging garden are selected in accordance with their characteristics. Usually, they use classic hanging wire or plastic baskets and cones for the most massive planets, and hanging pots or pots for ordinary ampels. Their color and style are selected according to the nature of the design of the entire garden. Today, multi-level hanging pots appear in the sale, made in the form of two or three baskets, placed one below the other. The volume of containers ranges from 3 to 8 liters. Smaller capacities can be used for lobelia, bush petunias, and medium-sized summers, and large-color, cascading and powerful summers need to be provided with larger pots.

Particular attention should be paid to the soil: if, when placing a single hanging basket or ampel, the load on the structure is large, but not excessive, then placing the composition from several hanging baskets will become a source of serious overload. And it is unacceptable to use dense, heavy, ordinary garden soil for hanging gardens. If you plan to place not single ampels, but whole compositions from them, choose light purchased substrates and add agroperlite to them to obtain an even lighter and friable substrate. Optimum hydration will help keep one more supplement – hydrogel. Drainage is necessary, but it is better for him to select the lightest materials with minimal weight.

Caring for plants in hanging flower beds and ampel gardens is no different from caring for ordinary potted plants. Constant humidity with protection against drought or excessive dampness, weekly top dressing, timely removal of damaged shoots, dry leaves, fading flowers, and inflorescences – standard care that will provide plants with high decorativeness.

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