Hanging Gardens From Flyers

Hanging Gardens From Flyers

Hanging gardens – a fashionable option for using colorful plants in hanging baskets in the design of a garden, terrace or balcony. The ensemble of individual ample seems like a fabulous waterfall, looks festive and solemn. There is nothing complicated in the creation of hanging gardens, and they are looked after just like an ordinary potted garden. Although such compositions from ample are not for everyone, if there are time and desire, they are able to create unforgettable fairy tales.

Amelia Plants never go out of style. And designers all over the world every year come up with new ways to use amazing soaring plants in hanging baskets to decorate the garden. Even the simplest ampel looks elegant, enlivens the design and adds charm to it. But many simple hanging baskets are already bored. Fortunately, the options for using suspended compositions by single plants are not limited. Conventional ampels are replaced by hanging flowerbeds and hanging gardens. Despite similar names, in fact, these are radically different ways of using groups of ampelous plants.

Recently, the term “hanging flowerbed” has become so popular that many have forgotten about the true design of the designers who introduce them into fashion. A hanging flowerbed today is any ampel plant or summer flower in a hanging basket. But narrowing the meaning of the term would be a big mistake. After all, a flower bed or flower garden is never created from a single plant, even if we are talking about monocompositions from a single species.

Flowerbeds are ensembles of at least 3-5 plants. And just so it is worthwhile to perceive hanging beds – as a composition in hanging flowerpots, creating the feeling of the same holiday of colors and shapes as the classic flower garden. Hanging gardens go much further. They literally assemble from different ampels and hanging planters an ensemble of a hanging or soaring garden. Hanging Garden – an ensemble of no less than 5 hanging baskets and ampels placed as a single hanging ensemble. There is nothing complicated about creating hanging gardens. In fact, this is an ordinary potted garden, just moving into hanging baskets. Of course, in order to achieve the effect of a full-fledged ensemble and to realize the idea, one will have to pay attention to the choice of ampelous plants and containers, but even beginner gardeners should not have difficulties in the process of creating hanging gardens. Indeed, from a practical point of view, these are just garden ampels grouped into one composition.

Hanging gardens of annuals have many advantages:

  • They save space and allow you to bring lush landscaping to any corner of the garden, without taking away the “living” space from classical objects.
  • These are one of the most original vertical landscaping options.
  • They allow you to show your imagination and expand your horizons, try different color combinations, study the game of textures or textures, put in experiments that can then be transferred to large flower beds and flower beds from summer books.
  • This is a great object for trial and error, learning and learning plants, not taking away even a small patch of soil in the horizontal dimension.
  • Effectively masking, such hanging compositions allow you to hide any imperfections of walls, structures, unattractive objects.
  • Hanging gardens always look a bit fabulous: cascades of luxurious flyers in a group of living clouds and waterfalls act on the perception of the garden ten times stronger than simple ampels. They create a complete feeling of drowning in colors and colors, isolation from the whole world, immersion in communication with wildlife in the most beautiful embodiment. Hanging ensembles are a choice for romantics and fans of lush pastoral compositions.

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