Japanese Way of Planting Cucumber Seeds

Japanese Way of Planting Cucumber Seeds

Cucumbers are one of the earliest and very popular cultures. Experienced summer residents have their own secrets and tricks of getting a good harvest. Someone grows seedlings, another plant germinated seeds in the ground, some sow dry seeds in the ground and also collect their tasty and healthy vegetables.

Today we will discuss the Japanese method of growing cucumbers, which is to plant a crop in sawdust. It is light and very effective, and the main plus is that plants do not pick up any disease during growth. Sawdust is a kind of loose material that can retain moisture for a long time. They do not contain weed seeds, as well as various diseases.

The main advantage of planting cucumbers in sawdust in temperature. They will not be cold, and they will not overheat. Thus, they are not afraid of the formation of rot. In addition, the crop will increase at times, it will be healthy and of high quality. Growing seedlings of cucumbers in sawdust is very convenient for those who do this in the apartment. It takes a minimum of space and effort, and the result will exceed all expectations.

This method is called Japanese because its description was found on one of the Japanese sites. The method has been tested and has proven itself.

Sawdust is taken for seed germination. They should be hardwood and stale. Coniferous sawdust, as well as any fresh, is better to exclude. It is highly recommended not to use sawdust fiberboard, chipboard and the like. They contain adhesives that are harmful to the human body.

If it’s not possible to find the right material at home, it doesn’t matter, because it can be purchased at the store. A suitable shallow container, you can use small-sized glasses or containers made of plastic, filled with sawdust 1.5-2 cm and spilled with hot water. It is necessary to wait sometime until the substrate is well absorbed by moisture. At the same time, the sawdust will cool slightly, and their temperature will become comfortable for sowing seeds.

And now for the fun part. For further manipulations, scissors with long handles or another similar suitable tool will be required. It is necessary to take a seed, place its sharp part (“beak”) between the scissor handles perpendicular to them and press down a little. As a result of this, the seed will slightly open (burst). Squeezing the seed is not very strong, so as not to flatten it.

Manipulations are similar to those that we produce by snapping sunflower seeds with our teeth. Actually, if your seeds are self-collected, then it is quite possible to do so. However, it’s unreasonable to take purchased ones into your mouth, especially those that are treated with special chemicals. Slightly opened seeds spread flat on the surface of the prepared substrate and sprinkle with dry sawdust on top. We deepen slightly, by 3-5 mm, on the top we compact a little.

We place the container with crops in a greenhouse (it can be a plastic bag) and do not hide it far. If you place the crops in a warm place, the seedlings will appear quickly enough and it is important not to let the sprouts stretch out too much.

Planted cucumbers in sawdust should be watered as the material dries, as well as the germination of the fruit with clean and warm water. After 10 days, the planted plant will be ready for planting in the main soil. To do this, you should pre-fill the container with warm water, which will allow you to easily remove seedlings from sawdust. Next, you need to do the preparation of beds. They are made the same as in the usual planting of cucumbers.

During transplantation, it is not necessary to remove the residual material between the roots, we plant it with them, but you should be careful not to accidentally damage the root system. When the seedlings are planted in the ground, lightly sprinkle it with sawdust and pour it with warm water. Be sure to ensure that the growing place is warm and that there is a sufficient amount of light. The right approach will allow you to get a good harvest, as in the sawdust the germination of cucumbers is quite high. This is a good way to use it for the fast germination of cucumber seeds.

It may well be that such a technique is not at all Japanese. Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers knew a lot about gardening and used many interesting and witty methods of germinating seeds. If you are familiar with this or any other reliable and original way to wake up seeds, share with us in the comments.

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