Tomato “Persimmon” Part 2

Tomato “Persimmon” Part 2

How to Increase Productivity

The most common cause of declining tomato yields in home gardens is improper care. However, many vegetable growers note that the Persimmon variety is prone to the so-called “fatliquoring”, as a result of which there is an active build-up of green mass to the detriment of fruit formation. Currently, there are several methods that are very effective and simple to increase the yield of tomatoes:

  • the cessation of tomato irrigation for a week with increasing temperature to a level of 24−26 ° C in the daytime and 22-23 ° C at night;
  • forced pollination of flowers by shaking flower brushes in dry and fairly warm weather;
  • conducting root dressing of tomato bushes through the use of a solution based on three tablespoons of superphosphate, diluted in a bucket of water with a flow rate of one liter for each adult bush;
  • pre-sowing treatment of seeds by soaking in a solution based on ” Espina “, ” Zircon ” or ” Humate of sodium ” gives a good result in the form of increased yield ;
  • an increase of 25% of the total average statistical yield can be obtained if the aerial part of the tomato is sprayed three times at two-week intervals with any biostimulants of growth;
  • a significant loss of productivity can be observed with untimely pinching, therefore, stepsons should be removed from tomato bushes after reaching a height of 5-7 cm;
  • at the stage of active fruiting, it is recommended to carry out a gradual, rather a slow removal of the lower branches to the location of the first brush.

Many experienced gardeners are quite widely used and such an agrotechnical technique as trimming peripheral roots. This procedure must be completed three to four weeks before the final harvest. Such an event allows to stimulate the formation of lateral branches and increases the supply of food to the ground part of the garden culture.

Reviews Gardeners About Tomato “Persimmon”

Persimmon tomatoes are not too often grown by domestic vegetable growers, but those gardeners who have already planted and grown this garden crop leave generally positive reviews. High productivity, as well as excellent taste and attractive commercial appearance make the Persimmon variety demanded as a market vegetable crop.

Fruit harvesting can be carried out until the stage of full ripening since the variety has proven itself quite well when the crop is ripened. Harvested crops can be stored and transported. Ripe fruits are very good in fresh form and for the preparation of vegetable salads. In addition, according to summer residents, Persimmon tomatoes are great for preparing second courses, tomato juice, sauce, and home canning.

When cultivating the Persimmon variety, it is necessary to pay attention that in greenhouse conditions the plant grows quite high, and the formation of large fruits can cause breakage of the stems, therefore it is necessary to carry out the formation of the bush in time and also tying it. In some cases, it may be necessary to ration the crop, which will reduce the load on the tomato bush by the fruits.

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